Welcome to my portfolios

I work in both two and three dimensional areas while designing and constructing my art forms. I offer functional and well constructed furniture, custom doors and porticos, painting, and sculpture. Use the buttons on the right to view portfolios for these four areas of our work.

What you can expect!

The process is substantially the same whether I'm building for a homeowner or for an interior designer or architect who is trying to find just the right piece for a client. The initial meeting can take place at the home for which the piece is being designed, in your office, or even remotely by email or video conference. At this meeting I'll find out what you require of the piece functionally and what you hope for aesthetically. We'll talk about materials, size limitations or demands, the budget and a time frame for the completion of the job.

Since the design process is a creative one I don’t impose a strict timetable upon it, but I can usually come up with several sketches within a week or two. I will email these annotated drawings to you, and then we can follow up together either over the phone or in person. It usually takes only 2 or 3 meetings, including the first one, to arrive at a design that everyone likes. If it takes longer an additional design fee may be requested, although that is unusual.

Once we agree on the design, I’ll produce some scale drawings and write up a proposal/contract so that you know exactly what you’ll be getting and what it will cost. I require a 50% deposit at the signing of the contract with the remaining balance due upon delivery. I'm now able to process credit card payments, so if that's easier for you I'm happy to accomodate.

From there, I will get to work. You are welcome throughout the building process to come to my shop and see your commission in progress; just call first to set up a time.

When delivery day arrives you’ll be able to see the work of the past weeks realized. When you sit down at that new table and run your hands over it, under it, feel the solidity and strength and follow the patterns of the wood with your eye, you can know that you’ve gotten your money’s worth, that you’ve helped bring something of quality into the world and that you’ve materially participated in American craft.